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Reasons for choosing Niigata University

History and Nature of the National History of Niigata and Niigata Student Education "Niigata University", see you!

长 い 歴 史 と 伝 系 が 息 づ く 「新 大」

10 Colleges of Economics

  • Humanities
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Science
  • Medicine
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Department of Creativity

高 い 志 で じ っ く り 学 べ る 大 学院 5 Graduate School, Other Department

  • Graduate School of Education and Practice
  • Graduate School of Modern Society and Culture
  • Graduate School of Natural Sciences
  • Graduate School of Health Sciences
  • Graduate School of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Special Education Department

街 と 自然 が 调和 し た 広 大 な キ ャ ン パ ス

Igarashi bus

Igarashi Department of Education 8 Departments, 3 Colleges, Affiliated Libraries, and an area of approximately 600,000 square meters (about 13 points in Tokyo). Green に 囲 ま れ, building upper level や Sea of Japan や Sadu Island Lookout む こ と が で き ま す.

Asahimachi Station

Asahimachi Medical University, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, 2 Graduate Schools, Graduate Schools, Institutes of Medical Sciences, and Comprehensive Hospitals of Niigata, the Education and Research Department of Niigata University.

Numbers see "Niigata University"

Undergraduate / Graduate / Bachelor

12,335 people

※ As of May 1, 2019

Number of teaching staff (including staff)

3,199 people

※ As of May 1, 2019

Established か ら の graduated and completed the number of students

144,954 people

※ As of March 31, 2019

Number of bookstores

156 万冊 About 1.56 million copies

※ As of April 1, 2019

Site area

75 万m 2 About 750,000 m 2

※ Igarashi ・ Asahimachi Station

サ ー ク ル


※ As of April 2019

Exchange agreement
Country and Region

347 cases

※ As of May 1, 2019

Number of licenses

304 pieces

※ As of the end of 2018

Number of admissions and foreign patients in Medical and Dental Hospital

82 万人 About 820,000 people

※ 2018

After the graduation

Employment rate of undergraduates in 2018

98.9 %

National test 験 に も 强 い! High pass rate!

  • Physician
    96.4 %
  • Pediatrician
    95.0 %
  • Caregiver
    97.4 %
  • Hygienist
    100 %

毎 年 公公 や や い っ ぱ い was born し て ま す

  • Civil servant
    336 people
  • Instructor (ad hoc adoption)
    141 people

Graduates of 2018