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April 2019 メ ッ メ ー ジ

1. Circular ji ni wa

The president of the National University Niigata University has been in office for five years, and has been appointed for a term of office of two years (2020), and will be cut for one year. After the inauguration of the Principal, Immediately after the inauguration of "Pose デ ザ イ ン-东东 ア ジ を Regional base point of the world, see the evidence of the world-"次, で い で has been in office for 4 years, Heisei 29 years, and the Principal's メ ッ セ ー ジ "and も に 建 く. Now か ら Future へ の 道 の り"を ホ ー ム ペ ー ジ に 掲 载 し, ヴ ィ の ヴ ィ ジ ョ ン を 述 べ て き ま し た が, the last 中 term in the tenure, and ま す い 思.
す で に 何 度 も 述 べ て き た こ と で す が, Niigata University, Honshu, Japan Seaside, University of Japan, Large-scale University. The characteristics of the study are: step by step, cross-cutting education research points, regional contribution, perspective entry, strong points of this study, and characteristics of sub-fields, and key points of the group, and the mission and private examination of Niigata University.
そ こ で 、 Contributions to the problems of the Japanese seaside areas, through the regional society, and the active achievements of the National University, the fundamental points of the social society, and the international exchanges. Strengthening and gaining many achievements. The basic social strategy of the local society is also elementary and basic, and こ れ ま で そ の 実 is now に 取 り 组 ん で き ま し た.
During the five-year incumbent period of return, the third period of the mid-term target period (Heisei 28-33), "The National University Corporation Niigata University will expand in the future. Basic strategies for strengthening the functions and mid-terms." "を 中心 に , 特 に attaches great importance to the taking group. ま た, そ の 中 で, residual period of time に 成 し げ た げ た い を と を を, を 展望 の の outlook and the next period of seniors に 托 し た い こ と に Touch れ る こ と に し ま す.

2. Selection of Educational Relations (Slightly 1: Reform of Talent Development System)

(1) Reorganization

① Established Faculty of Creation

Heisei 29 year, "Creative students department" (new students), welcome students. A new school of 37 years at Niigata University. Since I reached the goal, I have a degree in wound creation, and I ’m a 22-minute student in the field of "Study in Field Studies", and I am going to choose the 期 カ リ キ ュ ラ ム で す of the painting period. In the education system and education environment of soft integration of arts and sciences, students reach the goal of creating their own lives. ま た 、 Introduction to the system of 学 ク ォ ー タ ー of the whole school, and before the summer break of the first year of the Department of Creation, all the students will be out of the long-term (4 weeks) extracurricular studies.
The results of the educational power of enterprises in the local government have been released, and students have grown up. The first period of life was 3 years, and I received it for 2 years. Students の sa ra na ru growth wo large い ni expect shi te i ma si ga, party で, cited ki tu du ki creation of the Faculty と resolved after の sense of unity wo maintain で ki ru ka ga large ki na issue de mo thou ri ma si. 长 と し て, students さ の の の の の と, faculty members の さ ん の を 的 を 大 い に 望 に い ま す.

②Reorganization of Department 3 of the Department of Natural Sciences

Set up and concurrently with the Department of Wound Science, Department of Natural Science, Engineering, Agriculture, and Agriculture. 1 department system (Department of Science, Department of Engineering, Department of Engineering, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Agriculture) of each department, and education in the field of pluralism in each department. こ れ に よ り, subjective sense of cutting, concern, other areas of learning, freedom, learning, and possible.
た と え ば, Department of Science and Department of Agriculture, 2 branched transversal type, "Further Science and Human Resources Development", which is a composite project of animal and plant ecology, disaster science, and elephant science. Faculty of Engineering, Architecture, Information and Communication, Materials Science, and other fields of engineering such as engineering, science, science, etc., "Sensual Science for Human Support", and "Development", "Co-Creation", "Intent"て い ま す. Technical, knowledge, and perceptual skills are prepared for the development of human resources.
い よ い よ New Year か ら The first period of the first three years of life, the second life, the こ れ ら の プ ロ グ ラ ム か ら, the time of the time, the best time, the best talents, the education, and the big い に look forward to.

③Reorganization of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Reorganization of the Faculty of Education, Reorganization of the Last Residue, and Reorganization of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. The modern society, the near future society, the high level of talents and general-purpose capabilities, the high level of professional talents, the training, the order, the 2nd year (2020), the new entry, the acceptance The system is well-organized. 改正 念 场 で す が, 非 と も こ の 改 理 を reached さ せ た い と 思 い ま す.

(2) College reorganization

Graduate school reorganization, high degree of talent development, research relationship, upward relationship, faculty reorganization, あ る い は そ れ に 胜 る, important issues. Residual thoughts, the reorganization of the faculty and the reorganization of the faculty, the last priority of the tenure of the tenure, and the full effort to take the deposits of the group.
Ko me cry ni wa, Society 5.0, ultra-su ma have Suites society ni Dui Applied possible na-known の Proton fu S Factory ッ Silicone Newspaper na ru develop wo awareness shi, highly Graduate door professional people と next generation of researchers wo develop also from the School of Social people の learn び straight shi ni mo fu ィ ッ Suites su ru pu ro Jewelery Getting Rousseau wo head refers shi ma si. ま た, Faculty of Creative Science, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Reorganization, Graduates, Graduate School, Enrollment Decree, and 3 (2021) New Enrollment, Receiving and Enrollment System Development Guide.
Now, the conception of the core of the university reorganization, and the fusion of the arts and sciences, the environment and the system are now being developed. Specialty, Excellent University Graduate School of Management, University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Natural Sciences, Department of Medical Sciences, University of Kyoto, Quality Assurance, It is possible to enter internationally, liberal arts and sciences, the future of aspirations, and the charm of students in the college.

(3) A long-term study outside school

Before the summer break of the first year (2nd year), etc., early stage after entering the school, the company, the local government, the practice, the long-term study outside the school, repair, and the proactive acquisition of the entry. す で に 、 创 生 て は 部 て は 、 す べ て の の の の の の 修 の し て の し て の る こ の る こ の べ ま し た し の べ ま し た し, を の を, 1,2, and 2 years old students and long-term and corporate practice-oriented models, and 3 to 5 weeks during summer break Waiting for に お け る 実 jian's な Project に 取 り 组 む な ど, previously か ら 先 か ら か ら 施 実 き て い ま す. Achievements of the students after their studies outside the school are reported, heard by the students, self-viewing by the students, positive attitudes and attitudes toward learning, and real growth. Thanks to し た い と 思 い ま す for the educational power of the reform and corporate society. In the future, there will be many students, participating in the system, and so on. The relationship between the company and the local government is good, the relationship is strong, the relationship is positive, the relationship is structured, the private seniors are working hard, and the students and staff members are all working together.
な お, this school alone 外 外 学 修 で あ るダ ブ ル ホ ー ムも, the extracurricular society (regional) education power utilization utilization group. More than 10 years ago か ら 実 施 さ れ て お り 、 私 も こ れ を 引 き 継 い で advance し て き ま し た. The results of this, the regional image and location of the 17 places inside and outside today, the students ’current visits to the area, the agriculture, etc., the people, the communication, the deepness, the multi-academic learning, and the が で き て い ま す. ま た, Participate in the student's main body 10 times, and the number of participants, the local residents' positive and positive participation, participation, and meaningful education. グ ロ グ ラ ム に な っ て い ま す. Expectations of the future, the prospects of the future, one party, the need for future development of new areas, avoiding the need for future development. を Nakayama Interregional Regional Center Center for Travel, Activities, Stages and Projects of the Ministry of Metropolitan and Other Areas of Niigata, Issues of Hollowing in Komachi, Important New Issues, and New Projects思 い ま す.

3. Association of Society (Slightly Part 2: Establishment of Social Contribution System)

(1) Ideas of regional education

Niigata, the center of the Japanese side of the sea, the "Eastern Asia" area of Niigata, the "Eastern Asia" area of Niigata, and the socially-reduced and interconnected reinforcement of the society, and the purpose of strengthening and strengthening, the regional education research of the Central Asia, and the "Eastern Asia Research" of the "East Asia" Alas.

① Huandong Asia Regional Education Research Institute (EARNet)


Niigata University Education, Education, Regional, Culture, History, Politics, Education, Medicine, Medical, Industrial Technology, etc. Related Educational Research Achievements は Most, こ れ ま で こ れ ら を ま and こ れ ま で こ れ ら を ま 信 め て 発 仕 す るAlas. こ う し た 研究 や 教育 の 取 を 外 を 目 に See え る よ う に す る た め に は 「シ ョ ー ウ ィ ン ド ウ」 の の の の の が Necessary. "Earnet organization" of the concept か ら で き た. ま だ, very functional を 果 た し て い る と は 言 え ま せ ん が, future こ の ム ペ ー ム ペ ー を charge, the world's letter で き る コ る ン ツ と ツ い く こ と で, テ ス タ イ タ ス を high in Niigata University, さ ら に は, さ ら に は 东 ア ジ ア 地 と と Niigata の のWith を 深 め る た め の プ ラ ッ ト フ ォ ー ム function and strengthening し て い き ま す.

② Central East Asia Research Institute


Fang Yifang, the main research center of Niigata University's Central Asian Research Institute, and "Research" are important. そ の 観 点 か ら , October, 30th, "Central East Asia Research Institute", a joint educational research organization and establishment of the whole school. こ の セ ン タ ー で は, グ ロ ー バ リ ゼ ー シ ョ ン, the symbiosis of cultures, the inheritance and communication of culture, the basics of food and health, and the basics of し ー し, ス タ ー ト 时 に は, (i) mongolian history research, culture and human mobility, (ii) ア イ メ ア ー カ イ ブ research, iii) The main research activities of small and medium-sized enterprises, research activities, and research activities in this area, including the first-level activities and guidelines.

③World Development Power

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's "University's World-strengthening Strengthening Project", the 26th Annual Hiroshima East Regional and Image Acquisition Center, 2012, has been adopted for 4 consecutive years, and has been accelerated. Immediately, ①Industry Development and Development, Medical Development and Development of Medical Personnel, Construction and Development of Medical and Human Resources (Heisei 26 ~), ② Toro Koto, Knowledge and Advanced Technology, Disaster Prevention Awareness, and Recruitment of Human Resources in Agriculture (Heisei 27 ~), ③ Regional Consortiums, Regional Education, and Integrative Education, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Human Resources Development (Heisei 28 ~), ④ Hokkaido University and Niigata University Center, and Hiroshima Collaboration and Human Development 4 careers of exchange-funded human resource development (Heisei 29 ~).
After taking over the post, he became a direct student of the "University of University of Sugaru", and his career is very lingering, and his career is strengthened by international students. In the future, I would like to look at the core of the Central Asia Research Institute, and to look forward to it. I am looking forward to the future, right and wrong, and そ う し た ア プ ロ ー チ を 进 め て も ら い た い と 思 い ま す.

(2) Exchange agreements with overseas universities


Overseas universities, exchange agreements, inter-ministerial agreements, and inter-university agreements, which are extremely important issues for the advancement of this school. The 2015 Inter-Ministerial Inter-Agency Agreement was 181, compared with 32 inter-university schools. The establishment of the inter-agency agreement and the inter-university agreement in 2012, and the positive development of the 78-year school and 78 school at the end of Heisei 30. International joint research, student communication, living, and expectation.
ま た 、 Introduction of international exchanges, graduate students, graduates of this school, students who have studied at the Center for International Studies, overseas universities, etc., faculty members / researchers, contributions to the international exchange of this school, and their contributions さ れ て リ る ン エ ゾ ロ フ ェ ッ サ ーの 名 を 付 与 す る と い う 系 を setting け ま し た. 10 people in 2012, 7 people in 2007, 18 people in 1 year, 30 people in 1 year, 30 people in 1 year, 1 person in charge of the name, and the name of the person, "Niigata University" recruiting, "" America "" and "Meeting"を 开 催 し て い ま す. こ れ に よ り, "リ エ ゾ ン プ ロ フ ェ ッ サ ー 各国" in each country, "Building and advancing" of the international school of this school, "Strength", "Expectations", "Expectations", "Activities" and "Promotion".

(3) Establishment of a joint agreement with a local government, a company, etc.

It is very important for the local government and the university, and the future university. そ こ で, そ の 连, を の を, を の を, か ら 30, 2008, Niigata, Niigata Prefecture, municipalities, villages, private individuals, visits, and the heads and interviews of the municipalities. Many visits by private companies, directionality and selection of reforms at Niigata University, industry-academia collaboration, joint research, social contribution, intention, understanding, and collaboration.
After the inauguration of the superintendent, 14 joint agreements including the new agreement were concluded. Internal affairs, national and local public bodies and 7 cases, private enterprises and 4 cases, and other institutions and 3 cases.
こ の よ う に, Society and Department, Results of Niigata University, Results of the Heisei 29 Japan News "University's Regional Contribution Survey", 11th national に ラ ン ク イ ン し た こ, 変 に 変 に い 変 に と で し た. Sa ra ni, intended thou ru female ga Dong ki ya su い environment づ ku ri positive wo ni line ~ te IRU wo comment businesses Si su ru "Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2018" number ni お ~ te, the corporate sector-ju salesperson more than 1,000 の Ministry ni お ~ te, this school wa 7th ni prize shi taこ と も う れ し い こ と で す.

4. Research relationship (Slightly 3: Ichishin created the environment)

(1) Activation of Wakate researchers


The most important subject for active researchers, research activities, university development. そ こ で 、 Heisei 26 Annual Scholarship Award (experienced by faculty members) を Set up. 毎 Annual, research results, and research results of 5 or 6 researchers who have been selected on the top, selected and awarded by 顕 明 and を 学 金 を, ら は に に れ た に に に excellent performance, に い て,頼 も し い 限 り で す.
异, Yoshinoya Linkage, Fusion Research Support す る Exchange イ U ン ト "U-go を ロ ン" を 22 年 よ り 年 よ り 2 次 ペ ー ス で 开 し て し て き で. こ れ に よ り, Wakae Researcher Center, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, and live discussions, が い る こ と は 大 変 う れ し い こ と で す. 融合, こ こ か ら, い 融合 の 融合 研究 研究 の の が 生 ま れ 始 め て い る こ と も, and in the future, look forward to coming out of things だ と 思 い ま す.

(2) The establishment of the three つ の タ ン タ ー の

"Niigata" and the regional base of international priority and development, the advancement of the research of this school, the research of the University of Japan, the research of the natural symbiosis of Sado, the establishment and promotion of the Japanese wine science Alas. こ の う ち, 东东 ア ジ ア 研究 セ ン タ ー に つ い て は す で に 述 べ た た め, こ こ で は 残 り の 二 つ の タ の タ の と さ ら な る Unfolding い い て れ た い と 思 い ま す.

① Sado Natural Symbiosis Science

Sado Station, Rinkai Station, School of Science, Niigata University, Zhu Lin, Zhu Lu · Natural Regeneration Research Center. こ れ ら の 3 施 定 を 合 合 し, April, 2011, Open Educational Research Organization and "Sado Natural Symbiosis Science" opened. The current development of natural symbiosis society, the development of multiple researches, and the research of citizens and universities. こ れ に よ り 、 Ultra-high-increased society with a reduced population, social support, and possible social construction of デ 大 い に Looking forward to し た い も の で す.

②The establishment of Japanese sake school


In April, 2003, "Japanese sake school" was opened. Established a joint agreement with Niigata, Niigata, and Niigata's sake brewing group. Japanese sake science, Japanese sake science, culture, science, science, science, science, science, and technology. The field of knowledge and knowledge, the "Japanese sake science", is a structure and an international exhibition. Education, research, information, trust, and international exchanges are all underway. す で に, lectures for students in the school, general lectures and lectures for general lectures, etc., there are many participants who have received very high praise, and future exhibitions are expected.
ま た, Joint Research Institute of Japanese Wine Science, し て, and the Institute of Vine & Wine Science (ISVV), there is a university-to-university exchange agreement between the University of Vine & Wine Science (January this year).
こ れ に よ り, joint research on the branch field of the making science, student exchange, and the multi-take-in group of Niigata and the world of Japanese sake. さ ら に The Japan Society of Liquor Research, standing on the top, the participation promotion of other universities, さ ら に チ ャ レ ン ジ し て い き た い と 思 い ま す.

③ さ ら な る 展 と し て

こ の ほ か 进 め て い る も の に, 燕 三条 エ リ ア の モ ノ づ く り corporate group and の 働 が あ り ま す 働 が あ り ま す. Japan ’s industry ’s roots are automotive semiconductors, robotics, and high-profile. Special metal processing, etc., Yansan Sanliaria's small and medium-sized enterprise group, and high-tech technical strength of international evaluations. し か し 、 One party ’s domestic “の の ノ づ く り の れ が の れ が 入 れ が 中 む”, the new one starts the country が 求 を 挙 げ て い る の も 事 実 で す. そ の よ う な 中 で 、 本 学 が 核 和 な っ た 医 な っ た の し い 展开 い 展开, デ の エ イ を ン ス を Utilization of し イ を ン ス を Utilization of new や い づ く り を づ く り を, local government's big-hand enterprises, etc., together with the promotion of し よ う と し て い ま す.

(3) Establishment of enclosed lectures and joint research lectures

こ れ か ら の 大学 が 社 と の 连 合 を 持 ち つ つ, research system を 拡 张 し て い く た め に は, attached lectures, co-research lectures, 拡 拡 ん. At present, there are 19 lectures in this school, 17 lectures in 2007, and the postgraduate of 2012 is in office. Attachers are various private companies, the Niigata Health and Welfare Agriculture Cooperative Association, and the municipality of Niigata. The establishment of joint research lectures must be done. At present, the reopening of the old medical department in Asahi-cho area, the establishment of the company and the setting of the company, the predetermined setting. こ の 活 を さ ら に を さ ら に 进 め た い と 思 い ま す.

5. 経 営 Foundation strengthening

Education, Research, and Social Contributions in the Book of Records, す る た め に は ッ シ ョ ン を of the National University, and す る た め に は は い き ま せ ん of the strengthening of the base plate. It is important to improve the allocation and function of resources, resources, and resources in the school.

(1) Suppression of personnel costs

The nationalization of the National University in 2004 (FY2004) will reduce the transportation fee of the National University by 1% per year and reduce the cost in 12 years. In fiscal year 2016 (FY2016), the amount of maintenance for the previous fiscal year, the cost of personnel and the cost of light and heat, etc. have risen, and the quality reduction has been examined. Before corporateization, pre-calculation, group management, executive management, personnel management, さ ほ ど シ ビ ア に 行 っ て い な か っ た こ と も あ っ た か も し れ ま せ ん. Efforts to reduce the status quo of the situation, to save the human resources, to work properly, ま し た が limits and status う の は, ど の 大学 で も 同 で も と 思 い ま す.
When I was in office, when I was in the middle, and when I was in a special place, the cost of occupation was high, I was inclined, and I was too early. そ こ で, 2 years in Heisei 28, the principle of the post-employment of teachers, and the post-employment supplement い し な personal management の い わ ゆ る "short-term take 扱 い" を 実 施 せ ざ る を 得 ま せ ん で し た. It is possible to reduce the cost of personnel costs in 2015 and reduce the avoidance of personnel costs. It is possible to introduce "education system" in "education system", which is a soft organization of teacher organizations. こ れ に よ り 、 少 な く と も Phase 3 mid-term goals and mid-term planning period か 何 と か り 切 る こ と が で き る 目 算 と な り ま し た. One party, personnel fee suppression, attention, and personnel and staffing and contracting and contraction, and が 生 じ て い る の で は な い か と 危 し て し て い ま す. ぜ ひ, そ う し た こ と に な ら な い よ う に, each school department に お い て は 知 恵 を っ て い た だ き た い と 愿 っ て い ま す.

(2) Strengthening of external organizations

Strengthening joint agreements with companies, administration, etc. will be necessary to advance in the future. Yesterday and today, the "college of gold industry officials" was promoted, and the company of gold industry officials and companies was linked to "new career", "creative life", and "multiplication effect". It refers to "time and age". Social and associative reinforcement, the majors of the seniors, and the consciousness of the seniors at the same time, there are common and necessary elements. Participants from the private industry industry, etc. Active participation, understanding of the current status of the National University Niigata University. The results, the omnidirectional direction of the gold industry, and the omnidirectional nature of official education, joint research and commissioned research are the beginnings and thoughts of activation.

(3) Subsidies for transportation expenses and scientific research expenses

国 か ら の 运 営 费 交付 金 に つ い て は, the intended pick-up group に よ り 高 い comment, and get the necessary charge. 学, the seniors from the National University Revitalization Association, the governor of the prefectural parliament, the governor, the community, etc., the regional social acquisition team of the university, the understanding of the support, the support of the side, the desire, the sense of necessity,こ れ ま で Efforts し て き ま し た. In the future, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology's subsidy for scientific research fees will be used to obtain competitive funds, efforts, and indirect fees.

(4) Enclosing Culture

It is difficult to educate the Japanese culture with culture and education. を 、 The high awareness of the attached culture was established, and the "Niigata University Department" was established. こ れ は, corporate members and individuals, a small number of comparisons with a small number of attachments, a period of 3 years and 5 years, and an unreasonable group of な い 范 囲 で 継 続 し て い た だ く 仕 た だ く. Joined in March, 2008, and now you are over 120 years old and personal.
Results of ご の, ご 送 を い を, and long-term external studies (long-term internships) of the present study of joint research や の ト ナ ー と し て 真 の サ ポ ー タ ー と な っ て い た だ け て い る こ と は い し い は と は Miscalculation. In the fall of the following year, a report meeting of the Ministry of Education was held to support students who participated in the meeting, live report and information exchange meeting, and the following year, it was 々 上 り き て い る こ and る こ い し と で す.
さ ら に, I have previously set up the "Niigata University Fund" の の ご 送 も 続 い て お り, 少 し ず つ で す が 顺 调 に に い び て. Jing Qi's ni sleepy ~ te IRU students wo Dui like と shi ta, tax control in addition to moo election Ze possible na "Niigata University ma na び Applied Assistance Fund" wo pass shi ta Student Support moo along tune ni line wa me cry te お ri, engineering u shi ta soil Rang wo sa ra ni Pei ~ te い ki ta い と think i ma si.

6. お wa ri ni

Above, the five years since I was in office, I have been back to school, I have been in trouble, I ’m still in trouble, and I ’m going to talk about it in the future.
National University Corporation Law School Education Law 予 い 予, precalculation, personnel affairs, and various kinds of restrictions of the seniors の で が ん で い ま す. こ れ は 里 を 回 せ ば 、 responsibilities の concentrated. I am excited about the status quo of the modern society, the university ’s current situation, the near future, and the evidence of the near future. に は 、 そ の に は 定 に は , も 定 も , も 、 う こ 、 か ら 、 え て 、 え て 、 え て 、 え て 、 で な く て は な ら な 、 ま し た 、 ま し た 、 え て。 ま し た 、 え て の に は , に は の に は , に は の に は , に は 定 に は , に は 定 に は , に は 、 に は の に は , に は 定 に は , に は 、 に は の に は。 様 な り の も そ も そ 様 な 様 な 考 え で 行 し , 本 务 を 行行 し て 行 き た い と 思 い ま す.
も あ 成 も あ と 少 し で 终 わ り, 次 の 令 和 の 时代 が 始 ま り ま す. Niigata University が 新 し い 令 and の era leaping forward し て い り, residual り の during his tenure, and full effort で い を. ど う ぞ 、 Both 様 の ご understand and ご 协力 を よ ろ し く お 愿 い い た し ま す.

April, 2011

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