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Affiliated Library

Affiliated Library

Niigata University Affiliated Library, Central Library, Medical Science Library, Department of Education, Educational Research Activities, Supporting Information Bases and Information Activities.
April, 2015 に リ ニ ュ ー ア ル オ ー プ ン し た Central Library, パ ソ コ ン, AV equipment, foreign language learning textbooks, equipments, self-study 「ラ ー ニ グ, common, self-study, common and autonomous learning activities for studentsて い ま す. ま た, regional の 方 が 気 軽 に 立 ち 送 る こ の の き で "イ ン フ ォ メ ー シ ョ ン ラ ウ ン ジ" setting, display of research results, regional information information letter, コ ミ ュ ニ し て ご ー シ ョ の の の と と い し て ご い て い ま す.
こ の ほ か, に お 学 に お い て 生 み, academic research results, academic dissertation collection, preservation, and the world ’s letter on the letter and provide “す る Niigata University Academic Nuar” の 整 行 を い を.

Central Library

Medical Science Library

Valuable book

Valuable materials such as library books, classical books (Chinese books, national books), ancient documents, etc. are organized and stored in the library, and the Asahimachi Academic Materials Exhibition Hall is located in Niigata, South of Japan, and generally open. The main レ レ ク シ ョ ン と し て は, Izumozaki's Funaruya House Landlord's Sano Bunko, the former owner of Sano Bunko, the ancient documents of the landlord's house in Niigata, the cultural assets designation, and other family documents. ま た, Medical Science Library (Asahicho Branch), Precious Medical Materials and Fujita Bunko, Morita Bunko, Takeyama Bunko, etc.

"Sado Kanzan" (Sano Bunko)

The first version of "Disintegration New Book" (Fujita Bunko)