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Inhibition of rice in the young period and the inhibition of fat in the mature period-Food and fat in the young period and the related symptoms of kidney disease and related signs of kidney disease-

Research results on December 12, 2019

Lecture on morbidity and nutrition in the Graduate School of Medicine and Physiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine (Included Lectures) グ ー ル グ, マ ウ ス に お い 米, rice (endosperm) of young age, quality and quality of fat, related to maturity, kidney disease, inhibition of kidney diseaseす る と と も に, そ の 机 序 に に 内 内 菌 が 系 が and す る こ と を 亀 田 制 果 股份有限公司 Co., Ltd. の い に お 出 出 し ま し た. In the future, the quality of rice (endosperm) タ ン ヒ ク 摂 ー 摂 の ヒ ト ヒ is appropriate for the period of time to take, the amount of rice is retained, the "rice" center, and the review of "food" is upward, and the results are expected.

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