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入 に に 取 す る 人 情报 の 取 の い

入学 选 抜 に 用 い た personal information の 取 扱 い に つ い て

  1. The name of the person who wishes to be a student, the personal information of his residence, the personal information of the residence, (1) the selection of admission students (dedication and selection), (2) the qualification list, (3) the admission procedures, (4) the selection methods of admissions, etc. Investigation, research, analysis, and (5) payment of follow-up business operations and utilization.
  2. Survey, research, and analysis of the use of personal information based on the test scores for admissions and the methods for selecting admissions.
  3. Utilization of various businesses: When one of the businesses is based on this business, the trustees of the business (hereinafter referred to as "trustees") are に お い に お 行 う こ と が あ り ま す. The business commission, the trustee, the commissioned business, the necessary and limited limits, and the knowledge of personal information are all provided in one.
  4. Separation and separation methods of national public universities are qualified and additional qualifications are determined to determine the business status, family name, acceptance number, university entrance examination, acceptance number, acceptance, and entry skills of the university. Personal information, independent university entrance examination, and acceptanceの 国 公 大学 へ contributed へ.
  5. Make a wish: When you know your personal information and test scores, admissions (1) Academic relations (student registration, study guidance, etc.), (2) Student support relations (health management, scholarship application, etc.), (3) Grant materials, customs, business operations, and utilization.
    ま た, personal information, the name of the qualified person and the address of the domicile, the association of the school and the support association, and the use of the occasion.