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Entrance exam

ア ド ミ ッ シ ョ ン ・ ポ リ シ ー

General entrance exam

Hybrid type selection test (AO test)

Recommended entrance exam

そ の 他 の 入 考

イ ン タ ー ネ ッ ト

Special measures for students affected by disaster

Picking point, evaluation and criterion of judgment

Admissions for Scholars

令 和 2 年年 校 セ 考 セ ン 験 ー 考 成绩 の 取 扱 い に つ い て

Description of the admission quota for the Department of Medicine of the Faculty of Medicine

In the test room case of the recommendation test of the 2nd year Niigata University Faculty of Law

Linghe 2nd year Niigata University's Faculty of Engineering recommends the testee schedule and test schedule