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Enrollment information

Niigata University, information on entrance examinations, and instructional information.

Number of general test volunteers (determined number)

Admissions for Niigata University

The number of volunteers, the number of recipients, the number of passers, the number of additional passers, the number of dismissals, and the number of enrolled scholars.

な お, the highest point of the passer, the average point of the passer, the distribution of the points of the recipients, the test questions and examples of correct solutions (subjects, the meaning of the questions) に つ い て は, the entrance exam of this school で で で と が で き ま す (June (Determined in descending order). Pass the lowest point 者 公 表 し て お り ま せ ん.

Recipient's own test results and survey

In fiscal year 31, 2013 (April, 2003-March, 2012), you will receive a request for a postal notice of the following test instructions, the recipients themselves (qualified and unqualified).

  • General entrance exam (early and late)
  • Recommended entrance exam
  • Special entry for social people
  • Children of Laos
  • Private entrance exam for foreign students

ま た The additional test for the owed member (the 2003 test).
な お, each department で 実 施 し て い る compiled into the test 験 に つ い て は, each faculty's department in charge of the test is asked い 合 わ せ く だ さ い.

Disclosure Content

(1) Test results (face-to-face, short papers, skills, etc.)

① Evaluation (in addition to points, rankings, etc.) の す べ て and は い ず れ か ② Courses in this course (determining whether to use or not) 大学 Subjects and points of university entrance examinations ③ Subjects and points of individual academic ability check ④ The above points ② and ③ Total point

(2) Survey

The first record (1) of the test results and the same の 取 扱 い と し, and the guest's affairs are recorded in the record part. る, "References on Guidance and Guidance", "Commentary Time for Studying and Evaluation", and "Remarks" section of the main evaluation system, including the record part of the review.

Method of teaching

A simple booklet of the credit of 提出 Rebate credit is sent to me by post.

ア Request period and opening date

On April 8, 2011 (month), I asked for payment.
The requisition will be issued on May 31 (2019) on May 31 (2019) (removal of print), and will be announced in late June (2019).
Ling He first year (2019) August 31 (validation of printing) request for the sub-division, Ling He first year (2019) will be announced in late September.
The requisition of the order of the reign year (2019) on November 30 (effective cancellation), the order of the reign year (2019) will be announced in late December.

Delivery books at the time of request

(a) Necessary matters (entry), information entry request form [Form] (PDF: 75KB)
(b) Acceptance ticket for this school
(c) Type of personal confirmation (name and identification of current residence). Resident's ticket, security certificate (write), transportation license (write), public collection receipt, etc.)
(d) Refundable envelope (Seal of No. 3 (120㎜ × 235㎜), postal address, address (residence of the book type recorded in the above (c)), postal name, postal note, postal cut hand 414)分 を は っ た も の.)

ウ First pay

8050, 2 Igarashi-cho, Nishi-ku, Niigata City Niigata University School of Management Admission Course


  1. Unknown point, Niigata University Faculty Entrance Examination Note Note.
    Phone (025) 262-6237 ・ 6079
    E-Mail: nyushika@adm.niigata-u.startrekpod.com
  2. 上 记 の 手 続 き に よ る 开 の の 受 付 受 令 は and the first year (2019) of November 30th.
The method of disclosure, "A", the occasion during which the information is displayed, the "private law on the protection of personal information, such as an independent administrative corporation," and the method of disclosure request. In the case of 、 の, it is necessary to request a lot of data of 300 円 が.

Questions and answers first: General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department, Niigata University (Stage 3, Office Buildings, Buildings S1)
Phone (025)262-6025